Gessler on print-outs

Fri, 10 Jun 1994 20:25:46 EST

Yes, it is easier and preferable to printout materials when reading
them. Still, I think the average pc modern department, library or
academic in all probability has access to a printer that will do the

The issue of having hard copies on file is being discussed by one
potential computer journal, which contemplates providing hard copies
of the journal to subscribers such as libraries or others who want
to receive the printed page versus the CRT page. That would be
accomplished by gaining subscriptions to the journal from libraries and
others, and providing hard copies as well as disk archive copies on
a semiannual basis.

The technology is quite available to solve that problem. Certain journals
will always have ascribed status, and new e-mail journals will achieve the
level of status that their articles lead them to. The advantage will be to
rapidly expand the number of available journal sources . . . provide a
rapid spread of ideas . . . and bypass the copyright restrictions that
now cost the academy money (as noted on past posts).

John O'Brien