jobs-hiring-grad school

Tue, 7 Jun 1994 16:19:38 -0600

All this discussion about finding work, getting hired, etc. now that
one has a PhD, etc. etc. is all very interesting to me. I have just
been trying to get into a PhD program, much less worry about a
job (which I do worry about). Those of you in programs having
problems finding jobs and getting out, think of those of us who
can't even get in, because of downssizing, jumps in enrollment,
etc. All the reasons you have been stating for having trouble
getting jobs are being stated for the trouble getting into grad
programs. Many anth. depts say they are getting 40-400 applica-
tions a year, and can take only a tiny fraction. Now I worry
if I do get in (Hah!), then what? Is it even worth giving up
my minimum wage clerical job and giving a try??? Thanks a lot
for the info and giving me something else to worry about. Any
suggestions, encouragement, etc?

And John OBrien, I understand your frustration, which is where I
read your comments as coming from. I'm just as frustrated, since
as a female with a masters, I can't seem to do much with myself.
I often joke that every time I get a degree, I get a lower paid
clerical position than before. Its not for want of trying.

Lee Bradley