Academic Combat

Anj Petto (ajpetto@MACC.WISC.EDU)
Thu, 2 Jun 1994 09:58:58 -0600

--And think of the other possibilities!

1). Make mortal combat the criterion for promotions;

2) Study the development of adaptive strategies for "winning" competitions
without actually having to fight (very much); i.e. a strategy that allows
one to work, publish and teach while all the other faculty kill each other
off or are greatly weakened and wounded in combat; then finally rising to
power by finishing off a few, battle-weary colleagues.

3) The development of mutual nonaggression and aid pacts among faculty
(about as durable as Hitler's and Stalin's) or other "political"
arrangements to limit the "old gunfighter" syndrome where one has to take
on every new, hot gun on campus!

4) Do the same for administrative posts in the univesity! What a way to
clear out old, entrenched deanlings!

Wow! The possibilities are endless.


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