sorry about last night have invented yet another religion

Daniel A. Foss (U17043@UICVM.BITNET)
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 14:53:48 CDT

Dear People,

I do sincumbly apologize for lastnight's phony revelatory crap, as I had
not grasped the Inner Mysteries yet. I now have a full sheaf of hyms, poems,
liturgical chants, and a mantra. The latter, gratefully, is infinitely
recyclable. Many of you perhaps recall those gray slugs who swopped you oop,
then without ado, announced, "I MUST CONFISCATE YOUR SHOES NOW. YOU WON'T BE

The Holy One, today, may readily be recognized as a *totally miserable*
Cosmic Immortal. Why a Cosmic Immortal should be required to wallow in self
pity and tears is readily explicated by the changing fashions in undergoing
death, it should inter alia be noted that in the 4th Century society where
this religion was, ugh, spread? the life-expectancy was 35-ish from smallpox,
measles, and malaria, assuming no famine or war, from the Considerate style
The Holy One had been famed for, and a new fashion for an aesthetic principle
exalting the Triumphant Victorious Glory of the Conqueror by horrible torture
as a foretaste of afterlife vouchsafed for Losers, where this got inflicted by
The Holy One's telos, The Awaited One Greater Even Than HisHerItself. Converts
among Great Families, as serfdriving nobles were called, were readily obtained
where intense fear existed of looks getting ruined by smallpox lest you died

Having collected the basics, I'm hunting, Peter Junger, are you listening,
for Rational Elements in 4th C. Daoism or Buddhism which might have resisted
this deliberately fabricated sickie cult.
There were some historical cases among Great Religions now respected, at
times with good reason, WORSE even than that. As a fictitious character once
said, "You got Dark Ages, on thing's sure and certain, which is, Everyone gets

Daniel A. Foss