Re: cults, magic, and spellers

Natalie Marie Underberg (natamu@UCLINK3.BERKELEY.EDU)
Wed, 31 Jul 1996 09:41:34 -0700

Hi Chuck,

To my knowledge, non-Judeo-Christians used to be referred to as pagans by
Judeo-Christians. This currently has pretty strong pejorative
connotations. I think what Samantha means (correct me if I'm wrong) by
studying "pagans" are those people who are trying to (re)create ancient
(mainly Celtic I think) nature-based religions. Perhaps a better term for
these people is "neo-pagans." This is the terminology I have most often


On Wed, 31 Jul 1996, Chuck Coker wrote:

> Samantha L. Solimeo wrote:
> >
> > to be Wiccan is to also be Pagan, but not all
> > self-identified Pagans are Wiccan.
> I may be showing my ignorance here, but doesn't Pagan mean
> non-Judeo-Christian? Aren't Hindus, Buddhists, etc. all
> pagans?
> Chuck Coker
> CJCoker@Cris.Com