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> International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD)
> Program Director and Program Officer
> Community Adaptation and Sustainable Livelihoods Program
> IISD is an independent non-profit corporation whose mission is to
> promote sustainable development in decision making. Sustainable
> development enhances the economic, environmental and social well being
> of current and future generations. The Institute undertakes projects and
> programs internationally and in Canada and is governed by an
> independent, international board of directors. IISD is supported by
> CIDA, Environment Canada and Manitoba Environment in addition to a wide
> range of international sources.
> The Community Adaptation and Sustainable Livelihoods Program is
> currently focusing its work at the community and household levels. It
> works with partners to identify local adaptive strategies and to analyze
> the roles of policy and technology in support of these strategies and of
> sustainable livelihoods. The program uses participatory action research
> methodology. The program has been active for three years in communities
> in Africa and is now applying the concepts within Canada and in Asia.
> We are currently seeking a program director at the senior managerial
> level to oversee this program, as well as an officer level candidate to
> help us manage project(s) within the program area (community based
> drought mitigation, biodiversity conservation and sustainable
> livelihoods in dry lands and prairie areas). As a Senior Manager, the
> Program Director is responsible for: creating an annual workplan and
> budget, implementing the plan and achieving desired results;
> fundraising; managing human resources; working with advisory groups; and
> developing and implementing a communications strategy.
> The Program Officer is responsible for: engaging in project management,
> research activities and reports preparation; working in close
> co-operation with NGO partners, policy analysts, and others, to
> facilitate current projects on community based drought mitigation and
> biodiversity conservation strategies; assisting in management of various
> aspects of the program area and helping to develop new projects.
> Qualifications:
> The Program Director requires a Ph. D. in a related discipline and
> field experience at a senior level managing programs or projects related
> to sustainable development or employment and livelihoods.
> The Program Officer requires post graduate training in sustainable
> development, community development or a related field and significant
> experience in project management, policy analysis or community
> assessment.
> Both positions require familiarity with the principles and current
> thinking on sustainable development, sustainable livelihoods, and
> drylands management. Experience in developing countries, especially in
> Africa and Asia, are definite assets. Both positions are based in
> Winnipeg but the candidates should be prepared to travel as required.
> Knowledge of other languages is an asset.
> IISD is committed to equal opportunity.
> Reply by August 16, 1996 with a curriculum vitae and the
> names of three references to:
> Mr. Ian R. Seymour
> Director of OperationsInternational Institute for Sustainable
> Development (IISD)
> 161 Portage Avenue East
> Winnipeg, MB
> R3B 0Y4
> Facsimile: 204-958-7710
> E-mail: reception@iisdpost.iisd.ca
> WWW: http://iisd1.iisd.ca/
> Heather Creech
> Program Director, Information and Communications
> International Institute for Sustainable Development
> Winnipeg, Canada
> hcreech@iisdpost.iisd.ca
> Ph: (204) 958 7735
> Fx: (204) 958 7710
> http://iisd1.iisd.ca/