Re: Culture & symbols

Robert Snower (rs222@WORLDNET.ATT.NET)
Tue, 30 Jul 1996 15:35:25 +0000

At 02:15 PM 7/30/96 +0000, Ronald Kephart wrote:

>I think it is at least questionable, and at times dangerous, to assume that
. . .
>modern foraging and tribal peoples are MORE culturally "evolved" than
people living in
>so-called "civilized" societies;

>Ron Kephart
Multiculturalism denigrates individual merit in favor of ethnic
collectivism. Ethnic collectivism is the theme of prehistoric culture, and
we owe to it such survivals as racism, sexism, statism, imperialism, as well
as the less noxious versions, namely modern foraging and tribal peoples.

Best wishes. R. Snower