Jesse S. Cook III (jcook@AWOD.COM)
Sun, 28 Jul 1996 13:11:01 -0400

On 28 July 1996, Ronald Kephart wrote:

"I think something like 'bioprogram' would be a better word than 'instinct'."

Why? Why not call a spade a spade? ("A rose by any other name...") It
seems to me that "bioprogram" is but an euphemism for what some think of as
a "dirty" word..

"...bioprogramming...probably requires a 'trigger' to be fully
operative...'Instinct' on the other hand...should, by definition, require no
such trigger."

"Probably"? No definition that I've ever seen says anything about not
requiring a "trigger".

Apparently, you didn't take the hints put out by Robert Snower and Ralph
Holloway. I don't know if you can access National Public Radio news items,
but you should have no trouble getting a hold of a copy of the New York
Times for 26 July 1996 and looking at Page A21. Maybe the item appeared in
your local paper; it did in mine (reprinted from the Boston Globe).

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