Druid wedding

John L. Doughty, Jr. (doughty@LEE.1STNET.COM)
Sat, 27 Jul 1996 15:51:30 -0500

Would anyone like to read a copy of a 15-page letter I wrote a friend =
concerning my experiences at a modern-day Druid wedding? Keep in mind =
the fact that it's not a paper written for publication; it's a letter. =
I don't want to see it anywhere but here. I can send it as e-mail which =
may or may not format correctly in your window or I can send it as an =
icon representing a file written in several different word processing =
formats. I'd like some feedback on the ceremony, especially as to how =
it relates to the ancient ceremony.

I for one never read or heard anything about modern Druids until I ran =
into some living almost next door. Some of them are friends, which is =
the main reason I don't want to see the letter anywhere but here. Oh, =
the perils of doing ethnography among people you know would not want to =
read about themselves as they really are.

Junior Doughty