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Jonathan E. Feinstein (jfeinstein@UMASSD.EDU)
Fri, 26 Jul 1996 15:38:47 -0400

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Subject: Any thoughts?

This summer I have run into an interesting, if not amusing, discussion =
another professor on my campus. The instructor who teaches human =
and I share several students this summer. In my class, I often hear =
the students what they hear in geography that relates to we are =
in intro cultural anthro. About a month ago, they came to me before =
to ask if what they heard in geography was true. It seems that our
geographer lectured on how southern African Bushman have enlarged =
so they can store water like camels for travelling across the desolate

Well, as I recall the Bushmen of the Kalihari do exhibit a condition =
called Steatopygi (or somethibng like that) which is described as having =
buttocks excessively enlarged with fatty tissues. It exists to one =
extent or another in a few other peoples of southern Africa. I don't =
recall ever hearing why such a feature should have been genetically =
selected, although I understand that it is more pronounced in women than =
in men.

Jon. Feinstein