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If you know of anyone who might be interested in the following
opportunity, please encourage them to contact us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

"Estrangement from the Public Sphere:
Economic Change, Democracy and Social Division in North Carolina"

Job/Research Opportunity

Research Objectives: This is a collaborative, National Science
Foundation (NSF) funded ethnographic research project (co-PIs--Dorothy
Holland, Catherine Lutz, and Don Nonini). It aims to
compare the public sphere in five North Carolina communities undergoing
economic restructuring. The first goal is to describe the local public
sphere, particularly in terms of (1) its accessibility, inclusivity and
multiplicity, and (2) the claims made there about which social groups
best fit the image of "the public" whose interest should be served.
The second goal is to trace, ethnographically and through survey methods,
the degree to which different groups are estranged from voting and other
acts of citizen participation and from involvement with local public
institutions such as schools, law enforcement and health clinics.

Location of Research Sites: 1) Durham, NC; 2) Fayetteville, NC; 3) Siler
City, NC; 4) Halifax County, NC; 5) Watauga County, NC

Eligibility: Researchers should be Ph.D. candidates or postdocs in
anthropology or other social sciences with a focus on ethnographic

Requirements: Site ethnographers must be able to commit to approximately
18 months of full-time work. This time includes: preliminary data
collection; one year of ethnographic research, while living at one of the
five sites; and organizing, analyzing, and writing-up findings. A
stipend of $14,000 per year will be provided.

Project Start Date: January 1997

To Apply: Send your curriculum vitae, letter of interest, and the names
and phone numbers of three references to:

Dr. Catherine Lutz
Department of Anthropology - CB# 3115
303 Alumni Bldg.
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-3115

Selection of Research Associates has already begun. As of June 28,
1996 we have one position to fill. We will continue considering
applications until the last position is filled.

For More Information, please contact Dr. Lutz at: (919) 962-3353 or

We strongly encourage minority candidates to apply.