Re: Dead bodies and disasters

Dorothy J. Cattle (cattledj@WFU.EDU)
Thu, 25 Jul 1996 11:55:53 -0400

[everything fast and immediate] and pace of life versus death and
recovery of the dead. Also, any thoughts about the interplay between the
personal/private steps in the grieving process and the media eventfulness
of disasters like plane crashes? Perhaps the private stages of grieving
get caught up or entangled in the public stages of disasters and there
are predictable or to be expected "conflicts" as the two processes get
played out [with everyone watching]. The meanings get usurped as well.
There is also a political angle being played out as witness the governor
of NY's statements or the ongoing MIA crash site archeology being
done to "satisfy" that "need" for recovery of remains. Tombs to honor
the unknowns are doomed, don't you think?
Did the earlier anthropology of disasters research include a focus on
death and/or recovery of remains? the personal and cultural expectations
about such recovery?