Re: Daleks etc

N.R.M. Bethel (nrmb100@CUS.CAM.AC.UK)
Sat, 20 Jul 1996 13:34:40 +0100

To Sheldon Klein:

The story is quite true. It made the national news triumphantly - I
heard it here before I saw it posted on the Anthro-L. And the press is
taking it fairly seriously, if the reporters have their tongues firmly in
their cheeks.

Oddly enough I didn't think of Daleks. I spent the morning marvelling at
the faith many people seem to put in the sense of sight. If one can
decode and digitize *all* the information that comes through the optic
nerve and record it on a chip, then one will have the whole of a human's
experience, etc ... That amazed/amused me.

But on another note, not so far down the road from the above, a man I
know has just invented a touch pad that can digitize the textures of
different materials for BT. The potential use for this is to be able to
sell fabric over the phone. I am fascinated with the idea - didn't think
it could be done, to tell the truth but apparently he's done it. Makes
one wonder ...

Nicolette Bethel