Re: Need Book Reviewers/Endorsements

Dorothy J. Cattle (cattledj@WFU.EDU)
Thu, 18 Jul 1996 16:33:09 -0400

On Thu, 18 Jul 1996, Maureen Asten wrote:

> I am currently publishing a book entitled: Researching Lesbian
> Relationships in American Society: The Making of an Ethnographic Film. I
>>>> am looking for interested book reviewers to endorse my book. <<<<If you
> have expertise in the area of feminist research, visual anthropology,
> lesbian relationships, or lesbian families and are interested in reviewing
> the book I can be reached at
> Thanks, Maureen

Didn't know that the role of a book reviewer was to endorse a book.
Have I missed some "cultural lesson" or is there another meaning to