Re: Disasters

John Pastore (bwplacar@CANCUN.RCE.COM.MX)
Mon, 15 Jul 1996 18:17:52 +0000

On 15 Jul 96 at 10:54, Cyril Belshaw wrote:

....And further, if the return-come-what-may observation is
> right, its study has major implications for other kinds of man-made
> disaster -- drought, ethnocide, atomic explosion, and the forced
> movement of populations. Who, in anthropology, is studying these
> kinds of things now?

No one apparently on this list. An attempt was made to focus the
attention of anthropologists, for example, on the "who" of "power
hierarchies" so as to help determine the impact that those at the top
of such heirarchies might have on such man made disaters. It was to
no avail as if anthropologists are content with the study of only
those or the relatively powerless bottom, and even more preferably
those at the bottom of past cultures, or, if current, only the
so-called primitive ones.

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