Re: Mutilation as a legitimate object of inquiry

Marie K Conrad (mkconrad@ACSU.BUFFALO.EDU)
Mon, 15 Jul 1996 15:43:51 -0400

> over 1000 years. As for having a "thing" for bound feet, I would hate it if
> someone said I had a "thing" for infibulated vaginas just because I read tons
> of material about them, you know?
> - Adrienne

Hearsay: I worked at Prometheus Books, and it was well known and
acknowledged among the staff that Levy liked the results of footbinding.
Direct observation: I read the Levy book, and distinctly recall Levy
saying he had an erotic response to footbinding and tiny feet.
In no way did I imply that an interest in a subject means
something unhealthy or strange - in fact, I find that conclusion to be
downright silly. If such were the case, I could be accused
of preparing myself to become a murderer, because one of my primary
interests is in forensics. However, in Levy's book he not only gave an
historical account, but he also expresses a personal (and positive)
opinion of the practice. Given your previous posts, I very much doubt
that your interest in infibulation would find you making positive comments
about it.
Marie Conrad