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This may be of interest to some of you as the theme is
culture and caring: caring in culture
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An International Conference on Mental Health Nursing

Culture and Caring : Caring in Culture

Auckland New Zealand Aotea Centre, October 10-13 th 1996

The Theme that has been chosen is " Culture in Caring : Caring in Culture "

This theme has had a great deal of support from our members who feel that in
Aotearoa/New Zealand we are in a unique situation to invite presentations
and discussions of the surrounding issues.

As mental health nurses we feel a responsibility to not only acknowledge and
respect health practises of tangata whenua [ the people of the land,
indiginous people ] but also understand the culture og introduced concepts
of mental health care. Nursing in Aotearoa/New Zealand has been at the
forefront of promoting culture within nursing. By this we mean not only
understanding and respecting another culture but also recognising the
effects of colonisation and power imbalances on peoples health.

Keynote Speakers

Professor Mason Durie Professor Durie is Head of Department of Maori
Studies and Director
of Maori Health Research Unit at Massey University.
His many and
varied professional activities include memberships of
the national
advisory committee on Core health & Disability
Services, the Maori
Statistical Forum of Statistics New Zealand, the
Maori Advisory
Committee of the Law Commission and the maori health
Committee of the health research Council. He is a
deputy convenor of
the Maori Congress.

Mereana Taikoko Mereana Taikoko is a Psychiatric Nurse, general nurse
and midwife
currently employed as the Principal Tutor of the Cook
Islands School
of Nursing. She has had a varied career working in
mental health
medical-surgical and maternity settings both in New
Zealand & in the
Cook Islands.
In her keynote Address, Mereana will describe the
development of the Cook Island approach to physical &
mental health
problems. Mereana draws upon her own experiences to
illustrate the
way in which modern medicine & local cultural
practises complement
each other.

Dr Denny Webster Dr Webster is a Professor in the school of Nursing at
the University
of Colorado Health Science Centre. She has had an
extensive history
of teaching, researching and writing about mental
health & womens
Dr Websters recent work has examined the use of
to care. She will draw upon this work as she examines
the culture of
mental health nurses & how it affects our
relationships with other
individuals & groups.

Official Social Programme:

Welcome Reception- Thursday 10th October 1996
Aotea Centre, Auckland 1830- 2030

Conference Dinner Dance ' Election Night Fever " [ NZ election Day }
Saturday 12th October 1996 Aotea Centre. No Charge for full paying delegates
Featured the " Topp Twins " Band : Bad for Business
Time; 2000Hrs

Investiture & Supper Friday 11th Octoberr Aotea Centre 1930
This is an annual ceremony conducted by the college where both members[ upon
application] and those who have been successful in their application for
Fellowship will be invested.
Orator is Mr Bob Elliot, a Psychiatric Nurse of over 30 years experience.

Programme Details

Thursday 10th October 1996

1730 - 1930 Registration Desk open

1830-2030 Welcome reception


0730- 1630 Registration Desk Open

0830-1030 Powhiri/Welcome

1045-1100 Conference Convenor- Ms Kate Prebble
College President - Ms Sandra Hoot Official Opening

1100-1200 Keynote Address: Professor Mason Durie, Palmerston North,
New Zealand

1200-1330 Lunch & Exhibition Viewing with Cultural presentation-
Maori Tangata Whenua

1330-1530 Concurrent Sessions

Cultural Caring

Awhi mai awhi atu taatou taatou e...
Winston Maniotpoto

A Bicultural Approach to Crisis Intervention. A Dynamic Psychiatric
Emergency Team and Maori.
Phyllis Tangitu

Cultual Specific Nursing
Kahu Williams

Culture & Caring- Caring in Culture :
An Integrated approach . Maori Development and Mental Health Services

Culture of Caring:

The Importance of Hope in a Culture of Caring
Drt J Boddy

Graduate Year Programme
Numerous presenters.

Combating Ethnocentrism: Integrating cultural sensitivity into western
mental health nursing practise
Phillip Maude

Changing Nursing Cultures: From control to support. A better way to foster
professional development of nurses.
Ms jacky Talmet

Indiginous People

" Wanka Kulinvaku" Talk so as to be Understood
Fiona Hartnett

Reconciliation: What it means for healthcare providers.
Dr Sharon hayes, Colin Seaton

Mental Health Services- A Culturally appropriate model
Various presenters

Cultural Consideration in the Assessement & Diagnosis of Psychotic Illness
in Aboriginal Australians
Denis Blackford,

Support in Care:

Community Psychciatric Assessment. A qualitative study of baseline clinical
Ms Derith Harris

Marketing: Powerful ally to health professionals
Ms Louise Hakiwai

Isolation in the Community: People with disabilities living in Boarding houses
Ms Julie Millard

Ethnocentrism & Health Interventions
Adian Jackson

1530-1600 Afternoon Tea & Exhibition Viewing
Other Concurrent Sessions

What are we doing to Women
Brenda Pope

A Mental Health Service Development model.Placing the Client at the focus of
the service.
Bria Pickering/Ray Watson

Some Effects of Past Governernmental Policies on the Australian Aboriginal
Mental health Today.
Ms Joan Eatock

Culture: Worlds of Knowing in Mental Health Nursing
Ms Athena Gavriel

1630-1700 Concurrent Sessions

Crisis Respite Services,Auckland Healthcare. The Next Step On.
Ms Lindsay Falls

Rethinking Traditions, Righting Relationships, Reclaiming Care>
Jo-Ann Walton

Depression or Oppression
Basser Jeeawody, Celia Saw

Tool for the Assessement of Culturally Sensitive Practise
Jenny Hossin

1700: Close of day One

1930 Investiture of Fellows & Members Aotea Centre


0800-1630 Registration Desk Open
0850-1000 Welcome;
Mereana Taikoko, Caring about Mental Health in the Cook
Islands Yesterday & Today

1000-1030 Morning Tea & Exhibition Viewing

1030-1200 Concurrent Sessions- In Various Themes

Mental Health Needs of Pacific Island People
Fuimaono Karl Puluto-Enderman

DSMIV: An Appropriate Tool for Pacific Island Diagnosis
Esetu Nonu Reid

Community Services: Are they meeting the needs of Pacific Island Consumers?

Fuimaono Karl Poluto-Enderman
Esetu Nonu Reid

Only You can Save mankind:Recognition & Nurture of Clinical expertise in
psychiatric mental health nursing.
Tom Ryan

A Nursing Perspective: Reaching Out to people who are different
Dr Judith Christiansen

Going to Work on a Doghnut

Development of Mental Health in Western Samoa: Comparing & Sharing the Cultures
K Kellehear, I Enoka

Mental Health Care. Legacy of mental health Services in Zimbabwe
Jenifer Mpilo Hoyo

On the back Foot: Challenges for Mental Health Nurses Working with Refugees
Chris Jane

Trans-cultural Care in Mental Health
Ruth DeSouza

Changing Cultures: Institutionalisation-Rehabilitation
Dean Hill

Caring for Patients from NESB & different Cultural Backgrounds: Problems &
Phillip Lee

1200-1330 Lunch & Exhibition Viewing with Cultural
Presentation-Aboriginal Tanata Whenua

1330-1430 Theme Presentation: Tom Bridson & Lee Lucas The Complexities of
Aborginal Mental Health

1430-1500 Concurrent Sessions:

Te Puna Hauora Kaupapa Maori Services
Te Puna Hauora Kaupapa Maori Service

Pigs & Paradigms Peter May

The Complexities of Aboriginal Mental health: Whats Happening
Tom Bridson

Empowerment & Disempowerment in Culturally Diverse Societies.
Dr Peter Morrall

1500- 1530

Te Puna Marino ( Well of Calm )
Numerous Presenters

The Role of Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Care of People with Mental
Health Problems
Mr Anthony Lam

Are We who we say we are?
Denis Blackford

Reporting Mental Health.
Mike Hazelton

1530-1600 Afternoon Tea & Exhibition Viewing



The Interne: Fascilitating an International Nursing Culture
Richard Lakeman

The Way We Were
J Clark, J Collins, S Paris

Paradigm Shift Meets Overtime Shift.
Numerous Presenters

Working with Interpreters
Ms Athena Gavriel

1700 Close Day Two

1705-1830 College Anual General Meeting

2000 Conference Dinner & Dance Aotea Centre


0800-1200 Registration Desk Open

0850-1000 Welcome
Group Address: Ron L Due ( Montana, USA ) & Gary Comes at Night ( Blackfeet
Nation, Montana, USA)
Using Ceremony: Traditional Ways of Seeking Help.

1000-1030 Morning Tea & Exhibition Viewing


Culture of Caring Concurrent Sessions

1030-1100 The Culture of Commerce: An Attempt tp turn metaphor into
reality by use of language.
John Connor

Disempowerment & Self Destructive Behaviours
Marie Crowe

Graduate Psychiatric Nursing Case Study
Numerous Presenters

Male & Female Ways of Knowing: Useful paradigms or sexists myths.
Janelle Langham

1100-1130 Tea or Therapy? Appraising five years working with long term
mentally ill people in the community.
Stephen Ball

Where is God in all of this? Conversations with Christians: Depression &
Spiritual Abuse.
Colin Hayes.

Mental Health Nursing: Is it a Sustainable Culture?
Brenda HHappell

Mental Health Nurses: Discourses on Empowerment , Local Culture & Accounting
Stephen Tilley


The Changing Culture of Community Mental Health Services.
Suzanne Ellis

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & Major Depression
Christine Easton & Gregory Pomfret

Educational Initiatives for Engineering Cultural Sensitivity in
Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing
Christine Palmer

Continuing Development of an Anxiety Disorder Unit Staffed with an
Autonomous Behavioural Nurse Therapist.
Julienne Watson

1200-1330 Lunch & Exhibition Viewing with Culural Presentation- Pacific
Island Tangata Whenua

1330-1430 Keynote Address: Dr Denny Webster ( Colorado, USA)
The Culture of Mental Health Nurses

Conference Review and Presentations of Awards.
Preview of 23rd Annual Conference to be held in Adelaide, South Australia.


Closing Ceremony and Afternoon Tea


There are 8 Choices of accommodation located near to the venue which is
located in the Centre of Auckland City, Ranging in a Nightly Tarrif of
between NZ$49.00 through to NZ$247.00


ANZCMHN Member Early Bird by 30th August NZ$490.00 After 30th
August NZ$535
Non Member " " " NZ$545 " " "

Full Registration Fee Includes:

Name Badge and Conference materials.
Attendance at Conference Sessions
Attendance at the Welcome Reception
Attendance at the Conference Dinner
Morning/Afternoon Teas and Lunches, as per the programme

Full Time Students and Consumer /Carer Registration

Full Time Student Early Bird by 30th August NZ$250 After 30th
August NZ$280
Consumer/Carer " " " " NZ$250 " " "

Corporate Registration " " " " NZ$660 " " "

Day Registration

Members & Non Members Early Bird by 30th August NZ$225 per day After
30th NZ$280 per day


The Conference Company,
P.O.Box 90-040,
New Zealand
Telephone +64-9-360 1240
Fax +64-9-360 1242

If you have any queries about the program then please contact the Conference
Convenor at:

Kate Prebble
Telephone +64-9-846 5570
Fax +64-9-846 5515

Or the writer of this Notice

Chris Hattan NZRCpN,ADN Nurse Specialist Psychiatry
Member ANZCMHN, New Zealand Branch Committee Member
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