We've become infamous!

Barbara Ruth Campbell (campbell@I-2000.COM)
Sat, 13 Jul 1996 19:28:45 -0400

Green skies turning to blue as Bertha fades out of sight

Attention Anthro-L subscribers! Did you know that Dan Foss, yes, OUR
if you wish to acknowledge his membership, Foss has been "discovered"
and someone has actually set up a web site devoted to his writings just
in case you deleted most of them when you first received them.


Anthro-L has it's own link. That's kinda frightening if you think about
it because much of what has passed through this forum isn't worth

In case you're wondering, a friend of mine who found Foss's writings
to be quite brillant, sent me the web site having mucked around the other
day. How he found it step by step, I'm not sure but he did and voila,
now you all know about it.

Anyone get hurt by Bertha? Any anthropologists out there studying the
effects of hurricanes and tornados, and earthquakes on world views?
For instance, how many times do you have to live through a cyclone before
you move inland? Is it an economic issue or are people just stupid?
Not that Bangladesh can be used as an example, there is not inland, but
why, why, why do people live in places at risk? Why did one guy tonight
on ABC call the other guy a "Red Necked $%^&* for not letting him go back
to his home - a home most likely blown away from the looks of it?
Anyone out there studying that?

Ce la vie,


P.S. I'd also be interested in comparative studies of how Alzheimer's
patients are treated. Do people in remote villages just let them wander
off and die or when they become psychotic do they, um, well, you know,
push them into harm's way - which some psychiatric nurses have let slip
is something they fantasized about when working the back wards.


Barbara Ruth Campbell, Ph.D. campbell@i-2000.com
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"Sensitivity to the role of paradigms in our perception can be
an important tool in problem solving. Once we know that all our
problems cannot be solved within the frame of a curren paradigm,
then it is sometimes possible to solve a problem by reframing its
terms" - Schwartz and Ogilvy, 1979.