Re: Interdisciplinary

Dorothy J. Cattle (cattledj@WFU.EDU)
Sat, 13 Jul 1996 07:38:14 -0400

for suggestions regarding a task of writing a succinct statement about
anthro and interdisciplinary work, here is the outcome. It did not turn
out the way I expected and I think it addresses us more than our fellow
social scientists. However, it's where I have to leave it unless I get some
further useful revisions. Thanks to those who took the time to respond
to my original request.

Communicating across boundaries, from differing perspectives, and with
varied facts is the basis and reality of interdisciplinary scholarship.
Anthropology developed as a multidimensional discipline and despite its
recent splintering into narrow specialties, it retains a range of
approaches to studying all facets of humankind. The congruency between
what anthropology does and what interdisciplinary collaboration demands
creates challenging opportunities. Some individual anthropologists still
meet those challenges with insightful scientific curiosity guided by an
appreciation for, and a recognition of, cultural diversity.

[copyright 1996 by Dorothy J. Cattle - a "rite of passage" or, in other
"words," write a passage...]

BTW, to keep Mike from boredom with the mutilation and tatooing thread,
couldn't those contributors see their way clear to doing some broader
interdisciplinary connecting, to what? oh maybe surgery/surgeries, styles
of wound closure, etc. including western biomedicine. See the
connection? (admittedly a stretch...).