Interdisciplinary Campus Design

Bob Scarfo (scarfo@WSU.EDU)
Thu, 11 Jul 1996 19:04:37 -0700

Interdisciplinary teaching, learning, research, and service to the
community, that is the premise for a design studio project that looks at
the master planning of a new urban campus in Spokane, Washington. If anyone
can suggest people, organizations, or readings that might help my students
and I to better understand, what I chose to call, the interdisciplinary
geography of education, I would appreciate your help.
I am a landscape architecture professor with Washing State University's
Interdisciplinary Design Institute (IDI) in Spokane. The architecture,
interior design, landscape architecture, and construction management senior
students come to Spokane for their senior year from the main campus in
Pullman. In interdisciplinary teams they work on actual projects drawn from
around the city. The IDI is currently housed in the second building of what
will become a 40+ acre campus set along the Spokane River. We have thus far
begun working on projects that involve public health, criminal justice, and
medical research as applied to the health of the public at the neighborhood
Our associations with nondesign professions, and the application of our work
to the benefit of the city's residents, has brought a unique request for my
students and I to apply the concept of interdisciplinary education to the
development of the new campus's master plan: the interior spaces, the
structures organization and layout, and the over all landscape planning. The
campus is primarily a graduate research school that services the public and
a spectrum of medical and other professional disciplines.