Performance, Tourism and Identity Conference

Scott deLahunta (sdela@AHK.NL)
Wed, 10 Jul 1996 09:57:27 +0200

AN INTERNATIONAL ******************
*** 'POINTS OF CONTACT' ************
******** THEATRE CONFERENCE *********

__A major gathering of key practitioners and scholars from around the world
with guest contributors from Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa to
explore themes reflected in the 'points of contact' between PERFORMANCE,

Beginning: THURSDAY, 5 September 1996, 2:00 pm
Ending: SUNDAY, 8 September 1996, 3.00 pm

The entire conference is planned as an INTINERANT JOURNEY THROUGHOUT WALES
using luxury (tourist) coaches. Different elements of the event
(performance, demonstration, paper) will be encountered at unusual tourist
sites, real, imagined and invented. Presentations will also be made en route
between places. The experience of being both a delegate and a 'tourist' will
be imaginatively explored. One may begin or end this conference from CARDIFF
(South Wales) or ABERSYSTWYTH (West Wales).

Presentations and discussions will
reflect on the following areas:

TOURIST AS SPECTATOR (tourist guide as performer, tourist site as theatre)

IDENTITY EXPLORATIONS (in contemporary performance work)

HERITAGE POLITICS (public perceptions and ethnographic tropes)


SEMIOTICS OF VISITING (travel and sightseeing)

PRESERVATION AND PRODUCTION (folklore, folkarts and the invention of tradition)

The conference will include the following events:

__Tourist Excursions and Site Visits__ to locations throughout Wales from
Italian Piazzas (Portmerion, North Wales) to spectacular showcaves, 17th
century manor houses and Celtic villages...

__Film Screenings__ a series of short films and videos will be screened
during the conference to include: "Innocents Abroad" and "Cannibal Tours"...

__Performances and Installations__ From Abroad: Guillermo Gomez-Pena and
Roberto Sifuentes (Mexico/ USA) [a rare performance in the UK from this
extraordinary explorer of border issues and cross-cultural identity]; From
the UK: large scale site-specific installation artists Graeme Miller and
Mary Lemley; and archaeologist Mike Shanks and theatre director Mike Pearson...

__Panel Debates and Group Discussions__ led by UK based performance makers
Tim Etchells, Ned Thomas and Jatinder Verma on such topics as 'mapped
identities', 'intercultural passports', 'package holidays - package
countries' and 'invisible nations - induced identities'...

__Scholarly Papers and Illustrated Talks__ from Barbara
Kirshenblatt-Gimblett [Conference Chair] (USA), Rustom Bharucha (India), Ron
Jenkins (USA), Dean MacCannell (USA), Sal Murgiyanto (Indonesia), Dorothy
Noyes (USA), Kirsten Harstrup (Denmark), Simone Abram (UK), Richard Gough
(UK) and others...

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POINTS OF CONTACT is a continuing series of international conferences staged
by the Centre for Performance Research that aims to generate investigation,
critical debate and understanding of cross-disciplinary approaches to
performance studies. The series to date has included 'Theatre, Anthropology
and Theatre Anthropology' (1988); 'Performance, Nature and Culture' (1989);
'Performance, Politics and Ideology' (1990); 'Performance, Ritual and
Shamanism' (1993) and 'Performance, Food and Cookery' (1994). Future themes
planned are; 'Performance, Time and Space', and 'Performance, Sexuality and
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