Re: mutilation and ritual

mike shupp (ms44278@HUEY.CSUN.EDU)
Tue, 9 Jul 1996 19:37:07 -0700

On Tue, 9 Jul 1996 wrote:

> > typically non-professional designs on
> > the shoulders and upper back-- are a common attribute in Latino
> > gangs in these parts.
> I think Mike has a good point, but I am confused as to the definition of
> "non-professional designs"

Done by non professionals-- by boyfriends or girlfriends or one's
own self-- with non-professional technique, like jabbing oneself
with a pencil or ballpoint pen.

Of course, that's the Latino gang member of 20 years ago or so.
Maybe enough affluence has come to their ranks that they can
afford the professionals these days. I dunno.

Mike Shupp
California State University, Northridge