Request: Interdisciplinary

Dorothy J. Cattle (cattledj@WFU.EDU)
Tue, 9 Jul 1996 07:12:11 -0400

members can grasp the basic query and not worry too much about other
"stuff", I'd appreciate your ideas and thoughts. You can send them to me
directly or if you think this fits some of the threads on the list [about
relevancy of anthro, communicating about anthro, the nature of collaboration,
etc] on the list, post to all.

I need to write a succinct and convincing *paragraph* in a formal
letter regarding the nature and importance of being able to communicate
and interact across disciplinary boundaries. The paragraph needs to
convince other social scientists [incl. economists] that someone from X
discipline can effectively understand and work with materials from other
disciplines, almost no matter the research topic or approach taken. I
would like to argue that anthro [as a discipline] is uniquely positioned to
do so and whether "it" actually does is dependent on the
individual anthropologist...therefore, ending with the attributes, abilities,
and experience necessary to be interdisciplinary *and* an anthropologist. I
want to avoid or void any notions about the esoteric and exotic and I
don't particularly want to rehash the intro anthro characteristics a la
holism, etc. I want to leave the impression of a forward-looking
discipline, adept at what is coming next... [despite all the
hand-wringing that's taken place on this list].

Any ideas, phrases, key terms, citations, attention-grabbing "hooks"...?