Re: exercises to illustrate "culture"

Timothy Mason (mason@CIE.FR)
Mon, 8 Jul 1996 20:57:49 -0500

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>From Timothy Mason

Jack Ray writes
>I would like suggestions for ways to help people appreciate the power of
culture to color perception >and expectations. This would be for a non-
anthropologiocal audience

Might I suggest that one way to get into this would be through telling
stories from different cultures. I use story-telling as an approach to
language teaching, and it works well - not only as a vehicle for the
language itself, but as an encounter with a different culture. It would
depend upon the learners' tolerance for this kind of material, of course.
A nice place to start for stories from many cultures would be The Virago
Book of Fairy Tales, edited by Angela Carter. She tells the stories as
stories, rather than as objects for analysis. It seems to me that through
hearing stories and telling their own, people might be able to come to terms
with violence and aggression as well.

Good luck
Timothy Mason