Web Page

John H. Relethford (relethjh@ONEONTA.EDU)
Mon, 8 Jul 1996 11:35:31 -0400

I'm putting together a Web page for my introductory biological
anthropology course. The format will be linked with the specific list of
topics that I cover and the reading assignments from my text. While this
page will specifically be structured for my students, it will be useful
for students at other colleges with different course structures and

Each topic will contain links to interesting/useful Web sites.

I'd appreciate any feedback from list members about useful Web sites for
the topics covered in
such a course (e.g., evolutionary theory, genetics, taxonomy, primates,
primate evolution, hominid evolution, human variation, human adaptation,
biomedical anthro, demography. I realize there are a LOT of pages, but if
you know of a few that are really outstanding and/or particularly useful
to introductory students, I'd appreciate hearing about them.

When this is done, I'll post the URL so that you all can use the page.


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