ALA Conference in New York

Barbara Ruth Campbell (campbell@I-2000.COM)
Sun, 7 Jul 1996 16:30:27 -0400

Yesterday I went into New York to the Jacob Javits Convention Center
to attend the American Library Association Conference (July 4-10).

If any of you are in New York City, it costs $10.00 to get into the
Exhibit Hall. It's huge - several blocks long.

There were SEVERAL anthropology texts on display throughout the hall.
There were demos of GPO web sites, medical web sites, you name it.
There was also an anthropology library seminar.

I highly recommend it. You don't have to be a librarian, just a book
lover or a scholar. There are hundreds of exhibits you might also want to stop
by especially if you like books and computers.

Happy hunting!



Barbara Ruth Campbell, Ph.D.
Westfield, New Jersey 07090

"Sensitivity to the role of paradigms in our perception can be
an important tool in problem solving. Once we know that all our
problems cannot be solved within the frame of a curren paradigm,
then it is sometimes possible to solve a problem by reframing its
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