Sat, 6 Jul 1996 16:42:34 EDT

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Beth E. Kaminow
Dwight W. Read
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Very interesting ...

I was thrilled at the sight of Tetun women and men with
extensive tatoos (south coast of Timor). Of course, this
was kept as part of my field investigations, with no more
participation than standard "voyeurism".

Years later, I decided for piercing (ring), which --
to my mind, however right or wrong -- brought about the
same kind of deep, uncanny, satisfaction. The overt reason
for this choice of mine was :
it can be removed at will, according to circumstances...
(how perverse!)

I am not new in this world, but new to this LIST.
Sorry, if this sounds shocking to some of you folks.

Gerard Francillon Grenoble (France)
also at <>