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Gary Goodman (sap@TANK.RGS.UKY.EDU)
Wed, 3 Jul 1996 21:18:50 EDT

"Religion, like poetry, and most other living things, cannot be
-- Gilbert Murray.

A clear cut distinction seems very hard when the subject in question is
so fluid and so varied in form. It seems to different not only between
groups but between most individuals. Each person has a different take it
seems on the Sacred. Religion seems to embody both sets of belief and
the faith in them. Not necessarily together.

Religion has been said to have grown out a need to feel complete, for
closure and fulfillment in a world with little of this to offer. A quest
for a part of life in the spiritual realm. And it is a reflection of
humankind's awareness of imperfection. A response to an unseen but felt
world which somehow invokes awe, confidence, and reverence.

Theology could be said to be the study of humanity's quest for the
Godhead, and religion is the journey.

Another person I read compared Theology to Religion as Botany is to plant
life. Aquinas suggests Theology deals with questions that are above reason and
answerable only by contact with the Godhead. Religion deals with the
individuals and groups day-to-day relationship with the Unknowable.

In a more pragmatic sense Theology has two basic meanings: the
particular religions set of creeds, dogma and system of doctrines. Or
the general study of the same. The other is, as the word literally
means, the study of God.

Don't know if this helped or hurt.

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