Karen Christensen (102435.1260@COMPUSERVE.COM)
Tue, 2 Jul 1996 17:19:55 EDT

AUTHORS NEEDED to write encyclopedic dictionaries on <<Language and
Communication>> and <<Arts and Leisure>>. The volume will be published in
ABC-CLIO's 10-volume Human Experience series. Each volume in the Human
Experience series covers one aspect of human behavior and culture from a
cross-cultural perspective. The information is drawn mainly from cultural
anthropology with numerous examples from ethnography. Volumes are about 250,000
words in length and each contains 120 articles, 25 illustrations, bibliography,
and an index (prepared by the publisher).

Previous volumes include: Ethnic Relations, Aggression & Conflict, Marriage,
Family & Relationships (Gwen Broude), Growing Up (Gwen Broude), Law & Politics
(Daniel Strouthes), Health & Illness, Religion.

The volumes on Aggression & Conflict (David Levinson) and Marriage, Family &
Relationships (Gwen Broude) were picked by the academic library review CHOICE as
amongst the best reference books of 1995.

The <<Language and Communication>> volume will cover topics such as gestures,
mythology, adornment, ritual, sign language, humor, and writing.

The <<Arts and Leisure>> volume will cover topics such as drama, visual art,
dance, music, sports, festivals, and decorative art.

For more information, please contact with vitae and outline of areas of interest
relevant to either <<Language and Communication>> or <<Arts and Leisure>>.

David Levinson, Editor-in-Chief/Karen Christensen, Berkshire Reference Works
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