Aufwiedersehen, Adieu, Ade, Goodbye, Tschuess!!!

Willard Brooks (willard.brooks@STUDENT.UNI-TUEBINGEN.DE)
Wed, 26 Jul 1995 16:06:10 +0200

I have reached the saturation point for geeky pseudo-anthropological
(read anthro-l) drivel and I have [thus] decided to unsubscribe. I think
the idea that somebody proposed a few days ago about joining H-Net is a
very good idea. Although I have not yet tried H-Net, the way that they
seem to concieve of the Bulletin board as an [edited] journal is appealing
to me (in as much as editing would tend to act as an anti-drivel filter).
Then again limiting access could be a bit elitest, which, just like academia
itself, could be problematic. However, a little bit of elitism (ie. higher
standards or ANY standards at all) could also have the effect of pushing
the list to a higher level of disscussion. Was weiss ich.

Keep yourselves warm and safe out there in your self-contructed Kantian
noumenal realm where the people in themselves are apprehensble only in
the phenominal realm.

May you act as is the maxum of your actions were to become universal law.

Willard Brooks