Re: Dan Foss

Maddog (Christopher.Morgan@JCU.EDU.AU)
Tue, 25 Jul 1995 12:24:53 +1000

Hear, hear. Is it possible that Foss has succeeded where others have
failed? Has the Inferiorly Rabid Robert finally ceased and desisted his
appropriation of the bandwidth?

Hallelujah! Hail Foss, the Ancestral Spirit has returned.

Bow Wow,

>Me, too. Like Richard Wilk, I'm a Foss fan. Dan Foss
>stretches metaphors to the max in his loop-de-loop galumphs
>through the outer galaxies of academe. Should he misstep...?
>Well, he's generally first to announce his own clunkers
>himself. Welcome back Dan! You've been away much too long.
>Maureen Korp, PhD
>University of Ottawa