New List on Genealogy

Anita Cohen-Williams (IACAGC@ASUVM.INRE.ASU.EDU)
Fri, 21 Jul 1995 21:28:26 -0700

(I realize that this might be considered slightly off-topic, but to some
archaeologists and people interested in family histories, it might be useful
to know about.)


The Library of Virginia, serving the archival and research needs of
Virginians since 1823, is pleased to announce the establishment of VA-ROOTS,
an Internet listserv discussion group for Virginia genealogy. A program of the
Library's Virginia Heritage Research Center, the new discussion group will
provide the opportunity for researchers in the field of Virginia family
history to share information about current work, pose queries to list members,
share information about resources, debate issues, and discuss the techniques
of genealogical research.

To facilitate access to valuable information in the VA-ROOTS Archives, it is
recommended that participants include family surnames or geographical
locations in the message subject area, where appropriate.

To subscribe, send a message to

Owner: Daphne Gentry
Library of Virginia

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