Verbal Wasteland

Terrell (terrell@FMNH785.FMNH.ORG)
Fri, 21 Jul 1995 07:48:56 -0500

Hi, Folks.

Do you ever wonder if Visitors from other Lists happen across
ANTHRO-L, read for a few days, and depart without any
Abductions, blood, semen, or tissue samples saying in wonder
to themselves, "@#&!$*, is THIS what anthropology is all
about?" No wonder Congress wants to cut the social sciences
out of the NSF budget. After reading Clifford Geertz's new
book AFTER THE FACT, the rantings of Robert Johnson, and the
current "Welcome Back, Dan Foss" postings, it's hard not to feel like an
Alien Life Force who joined the wrong tour group to other
worlds. If it weren't for the occasional fine book review from
DownUnder and the rare piece on ANTHRO-L asking for help, a
reference, or two, etc., I'd have to conclude ANTHRO-L existed mostly
as a SOLIFLEX machine for the finger that hits the delete key.
If nobody likes censorship on this list (God forbid Johnson
should be removed from the list by the List-Owners), how about a
little self-censorship? Why do some people think everybody on a
list needs to get everything they want to dump on it?

Let's pray nobody in Congress is on ANTHRO-L!

John Terrell, The Field Museum, Chicago