Re: Output of your job "johnsorl"

Fri, 21 Jul 1995 02:58:20 -0400

Hi there,

I am, quite frankly, getting bored with the Robert Johnson 'debate'.
Some or other newsgroup would be a far better location for these
posts. Couldn't we, somehow, put an end to it? It detracts from the
value of this list to everybody.

Conrad Steenkamp

> Robert Johnson writes:
> > Earlier today I forwarded to the lists the fact that I had been
> > allowed to join the HISTARCH and SPANBORD list groups by
> > Arizona State University. Now I find that once again I have been
> > thrown off these list groups by Anita Cohen-Williams.
> I'm sure mailing lists exist for discussion of censorship. I can't
> see that this is any more relevant to anthro-l than it would be to,
> say, astrophysics-l. Yes, censorship is important -- but *nothing*
> warrants spamming mailing lists. Take it to alt.censorship or to a
> censorship list.
> > Don't call my bluff. To many men and women have died in the armed
> > forces of this country to guarantee our freedom of speech and
> > right to dissent.
> How often have the US armed forces been involved in combat as a
> result of freedom of speech issues? I can't think of a
> *single* example. Besides, these are the same armed forces that took
> lead role in the dispossession of the Native American peoples, no?
> As I've remarked before, I find your military/patriotic streak very
> incongruous.
> Danny Yee.