ancestral spirit speaks

Daniel A. Foss (U17043@UICVM.BITNET)
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 20:31:08 CDT

This list has existed for, oh, well, years now, and after all that
time, it deserves a Tradition. I have Returned, you see, to Invent that
Tradition, where any organism pertaining to the Past, such as myself,
may be as Mythical as I please; and where Stephanie J. Nelson shall
forever remain my Celestial Consort.

Be it known, young Johnson, that when I Departed this milieu, I left
behind a hole, an emptiness, which represented my Mythic Legacy. For most,
indeed, that hole was nonexistent; for the remainder, it was indistinguishable
from the vacuity of unreadable Professionalism which followed. Such is the
nature of the life cycle. But on your account, I Returned. For it cannot be
allowed that my niche, my rathole, should become occupied by something of
your degree of Nothing. You are defiling whatever it was I represented.
You are doing me far below the Inferiority consistent with what I should
be remembered for.

Robert Johnson, I cannot be remembered as you. I was infinitely better
than that.

Send your cops around to the family plot in the cemetery in New Jersey.
As for what I meant, ask Stephanie J. Nelson. In one of her more painful
knifetwistings she said, "You theorized it, now live it."

In keeping with what you said about practical epistemology in academia,
which was nothing but the most Inferior sort of Inferiority compared to how
I put much the same ideas, "You theorized it, now you live it." The best
you can ever be is an Inferior version of the Inferiority for which I stood,
and you're getting more Inferior daily. Sure, insanity has its place, but
one must know when to stop, mustn't one.

You can take on 672 anthropologists, Johnson, but you can't take on *me*,
because you'll never attain to grander station than a merely Inferiorly
Inferior Inferiority of my own Inferiority, which makes you so Inferior,
and understand me well, Johnson, I know one when I see one, I know what
you *feel*, Johnson, *you are too INFERIOR to be Daniel A. Foss around here*,
so GET OUT! Inferior Inferiority is all you are, Inferior.

Daniel A. Foss
<what do you say, Stephanie J. Nelson?>