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Robert Johnson (johnsorl@COLORADO.EDU)
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 16:47:21 -0600

Earlier today I forwarded to the lists the fact that I had been
allowed to join the HISTARCH and SPANBORD list groups by
Arizona State University. Now I find that once again I have been
thrown off these list groups by Anita Cohen-Williams.

I am wondering what kind of games are going on at Arizona State
Why am I barred from a least by a listowner who feels free to call
me a liar in the last several days postings?
Why am I not allowed to be on a list whose members feel free to
disparage my reputation?
Does anyone care that Anita Cohen-Williams is leading Arizona State
University in to a legal suit that could cost it dearly in reputation?
Does anyone care enough for the reputation of American archaeology
that they are not willing to see a listowner who tells a student at
the University of Colorado to FUCK OFF, calls them an ASSHOLE,
from an open and public list at an American public university?
Is American archaeology prepared to have the opinions expressed
about me, the threats I have received, and the discussions that take
place concerning an individual not able to defend themselves?
Is American archaeology prepared to face the public reaction to the
treatment of an American student who speaks of Native American rights,
tragedies of the physical and cultural genocide against Native
American peoples, and dissents from the mainstream of American

I am going to give American archaeology an opportunity to avert
this tragedy.
Don't call my bluff. To many men and women have died in the armed
forces of this country to guarantee our freedom of speech and
right to dissent.

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