Re: social origins of anthro-l having been about robt johnson

Robert Johnson (johnsorl@COLORADO.EDU)
Thu, 20 Jul 1995 05:26:43 -0600

I get the feeling that there may have been something said about
my return to anthro-l that I may not have been fully informed
about or possible posted before the computer was unrigged to
facilitate my right to be a member of this list group.

There was no different an agreement on my part than there ever was
for my legal participation in this open forum. Hugh Jarvis made
the offer for my return stating that I must conform to the
"rules." I stated that I would return to anthro-l and obey the
"rules" if Hugh Jarvis would obey the law-that is that there be
no attempts at censorship of my views, as was not the case previously.
This was to forgo my not suing Hugh Jarvis and SUNY-Buffalo in
Federal court. If there was a statement posted before the legally
mandatory return of my membership to this forum that I am unaware of,
and in consideration of the fact that anyone even the most ignorant
among you would consider that I have come "crawling" back, and if
such a statement implied this, then it would have been a lie.

Hugh, I'd better not find out that you made some self-serving
statement concerning my return to anthro-l. I'm still quite
willing to take you and Ezra, and SUNY-BUFFALO to court to
clarify this issue if necessary.
Hugh, I said that you were a coward not one week before my
return to anthro-l in the forum of arch-l concerning your
unAmerican efforts to censor me and your sneaking around
amongst the faculty at the University of Colorado in an effort
to have them put pressure on me and find out personal information
about me. I told you publically that if you did not return me to
anthro-l that I was going to sue you in Federal court to make sure
you followed the law which concerns the freedom of expression on the
internet. I hope that you have not implied any different.

If you did and if you unsubscribe me again, I'll file suit on you
in federal court by the first of next month.

Robert Johnson