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Subject: Nominations: AAAS Scientific Freedom & Responsibility Award
Author: rholland at nsf2
Date: 7/18/95 10:54 AM

As a member of the AAAS SFRA Canvassing Committee, I am soliciting
names and qualifications for nominees for this award. If you know of
a person or persons who fit the criteria, I would appreciate hearing
from you. The American Association for the Advancement of Science
established the award in 1980. Awardees receive a plaque and $2500 at
an awards ceremony at the AAAS Annual Meeting. Scientists and
engineers (including social scientists and historians and philosophers
of science and technology) are eligible; they may be from and in any
country. The following are some areas to consider: research ethics,
agricultural or environmental ethics, whistleblowing, responsible
science and public policy. If you have suggestions or wish to
communicate with me further, you can call me at 703-306-1743, fax
-0485; my e-mail address is --Rachelle Hollander,
Ethics and Values Studies Program, National Science Foundation, Room
995, 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, VA 22230.