Bosnia and French nukes

Fac. Latino-Americana de Ciencias Sociais (flacso@CR-DF.RNP.BR)
Tue, 18 Jul 1995 15:29:56 -0300

Candice Bradley brought a very interesting and relevant issue. Why is the
French government making nuclear tests, bringing back the worse dreams of
cold war and at the same time:
1.has a tougher (verbal however) position about the Bosnian situation.
2.asks excuses for the way Jews were treated by France in World War II.

Is there a contradiction? or perhaps playing the good guy, the French
government wants to counterbalance the negative impact on public opinion
of its nuclear tests?

Here in Brazil , some analysis (several analysts cited
American Press sources) place France, Germany, and to some extent England, as
responsible for what is happening in Bosnia. A Muslim country in Europe
would be unacceptable by them. France is showing rising attitudes towards
its Arab population (said to be about 8% of the country). The tensions in
relation to Turks in Germany are well known.

Anyway, the UN position is, at least very strange:
1-The ex-Yugoslavia army was said to be the fourth in strength in world.
2-70% of its officers were Serbians.
3.The UN imposes an arms embargo on both sides. This is highly
hypocrite, because one of the sides was already heavily armed. Besides,
Russia, in the name of a dubious "Pan-Slavic" doctrine is supporting
Serbia, in spite of the embargo.
4-The U.N.declares some areas as "refuge areas", after the first year of
brutal genocide of Bosnians, and the taking of 70% of their territory.
5-The Serbians now, attack those areas, commit mass-murder, and the UN

At the present moment, it is probably too late to lift the embargo. Thus,
the only thing to do, from any acceptable viewpoint, is the so called
international community, specially, France, England and Germany, use its
military strength to stop the holocaust.

Otherwise the rebirth of Nazism in Europe will not be anymore a
restricted to some extremists gangs, but a matter of state
policies (Hitler considered Germany, France and England, as "natural
allies" because of some supposed "racial reasons").

Incidentally, Why there was a chain letter in this net about the French
nukes and not one about the Bosnian situation?

George de Cerqueira Leite Zarur