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July 3, 1995
Mexico D.F.

To all artist of the world
To all scientist and intellectuals
To international public opinion

In Mexico power is hardening and the presence of military
intelligence begins to be felt in civil meetings and in governmental

Before having to ask for help to alleviate the disaster we want
to prevent it. The consultation that the Zapatista Army of National
Liberation (EZLN) delivers to us today is a wake-up call that can
radically change the destiny for Mexicans and probably for the entire

The five questions that Zapatistas ask, oviously refer to
their needs, resulting from social, economics and political oppresion
of which they have been victims. However in a broader sense they
speak to the necessities of all Mexicans, and as they relate to the
horrors that the neo-leberal system has wrought, they become an
issue of world-wide interest.

We submit for your review the following proposal:

To organiza an intense promotional campaign for the
consultation in as many spaces as possible, concert hall, theaters,
workshops, seminars, exhibits, video and film screenings, radio and
television programs, the press, magazines, interviews, electronic mail
and other contemporary media.

In addition you can organize new activities during the month of
July to concide with the schedule outlined by the Zapatistas; July for
the international and August for the national consultation.

We are proposing that each country organize the consultation
in its own way, with us sharing the basic information, but allowing
you and your organizations to design the methodology and the plan
of action.

We would like for some of you to visit our country and if
possible give concerts or public forums; your international profile can
help enormously to shape public opinion and to raise money which is
in our case very scarce.

Therefore, it would be great to promote the consultation
through some Mexicans personality. In fact, trips to varius countries
have already been organized by members of the comission of the comission of
international linkage, and we hope to count on your support if
possible in inviting Mexican artist to perform in your countries for
the benefit of this project.

In my case, as part of the international commission and as a
musician, I can propose a simple performance, requiring only a piano
and a microphone, although I would prefer to travel with an assistent.

We are addressing all of those concerned for democracy, justice
and liberty, to all those who in a book, a song or symphony express
their commitment to the truth. To those in your classroom, in a
conference or in your work who are everyday marking an effort so
that the world would be better.

We want Mexico to heve its first elections without manipulation
by the authorities, we want to get rid of the impossibility of
participating in the construction of a more habitable country.

We trust in your intelligence, talent, and sensibility, we need

Guillermo Brisen~o

P.S. If you want more information, please contact Guillermo Brisen~o,
tel 661 8312 and 539 6548 (fax) in Mexico D.F. or the numbers and
e-mail addresses that accompany this invitation.

P.P.S. In Mexico, the non-governmental organization Alianza Civica
will be in charge of the consultation an the Convencion Nacional
Democratica (CND), of which we are a part, will undertake its
promotion. The CND is also responsible for both organizing and
promoting, with your help, the consultation on an international level.