Anthropology conference/Cuba/Apr 96

Wed, 12 Jul 1995 17:09:51 -0400

I would like to post the following message from Dra. Lourdes Serrano,
Directora, Centro de Antropologia in La Habana, Cuba.
Dear Colleagues:
The International Workshop "Anthropology 96" sponsored by the Centre of
Anthropology will be held from 2 to 5 April 1996.
The main topics:
-The ethnicity problem at a national level in Latin America and the Caribbean
-The cultural identity in Cuba, Latin America and the Caribbean
-African influence on the culture of Cuba and the American continent.
-Race, class and gender from an anthropological perspective.
-The current ethnological studies and its relationship with other sciences
-Pre-historic technologies in the Caribbean
-Art and Ideology in the aboriginal communities in the Antilles
-Paleo-ecology and Paleo-economy in the Caribbean context.
This is a preliminary announcement and call for papers.

For more information: Please contact Dra Lourdes Serrano
Director, Centro de Antropologia
e mail:

I will post more details after my next visit to Cuba at the end of this
month. If you need information on Cuban Anthropology and Cuba in general
including travel information, please e mail me:
Thank you.