Diversity Project

Tue, 11 Jul 1995 11:17:18 CST6CDT

I am seeking some potential contributors for a Diversity Reader
scheduled for publication in the next few months. The completed
volume will consist of some 30 chapters and is intended for lower
division undergraduate students as a basic introduction to the topic
of diversity and multiculturalism in the U.S. I am particularly
interested finding someone who would like to write: 1) a chapter on a
culture of physically challenged, e.g.the blind or deaf; 2) someone
to write on African- Americans as a model minority group in the U.S.
(designed to deal with the concepts of minorities in the U.S.; and, 3)
someone to write on the relationship of cultural diversity to
the major social problems consuming the time and attention of
Americans in the 1990's, e.g. Affirmative Action, Welfare Reform,
Abortion, Prayer in the School, etc. The deadline for submitting
manuscripts of approximately 25 pages, is the mid-to end-of August in
order to meet publisher timetables.

If you might be interested, please provide your mailing address by
return mail so that the prospectus and author guidelines can
forwarded to you immediately.

Larry L. Naylor
Univ. North Texas