Re: Robert and Racism

Sun, 9 Jul 1995 14:28:52 -0400

For all except Robert, this follows one of Robert Johnson's redundant
postings, so if you've encountered it, go on by...


Thank you for giving my note greater coverage and attention. But you
know, when you said that you would "make [me] famous for [my] racism" by the
multiple posting (as if the net makes anyone famous except to the truly
lonely), i warned you that i was already famous. But i didn't tell you what i
was famous for, did i?

What i'm famous for is:
Lower Lenox Ave Association (Harlem) (1964-Founder)
New York City Coalition Against Racism (1965-67 Working Member)
Lower East Side (NY) Coalition for Equal Housing (1966-Founder)
Mississippi NAACP (1967-69 Working Member)
Systematic Training and Redevelopment (Mississippi 1967-69 Working
Gulf Coast Coalition for Desegregation (Mississippi 1968 Founder)
Mississippi Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) (1968 Founder)
Mississippians for Voter Registration (1968-69 Working Member)
Lawyers Constitutional Defense Committee (Mississippi 1968-69 Working
Mississippi State Legistative Assistant (1971)
Californians Supporting the Panthers (1971-74)
Executives for Affirmative Action (1977-Present)

i could go on and on and on and on. but now that the final nail is in your
foolish coffin, there is little need. I could ask "what have you done,
Robert?", but i was just waiting for this before i invoked my autodelete
utility, so i wouldn't have the pleasure of reading what i would suppose to
be a brief if not blank reply. I have to go now; i'm being distracted by an
interesting article in the SF Chronicle "Some men are dumber that previously

good luck and good bye