what about death?

Javier Wilson (dlabs@UNI.NI)
Sun, 9 Jul 1995 03:42:11 CST

Do you remember my message "need some info"?
Well I wrote the essay about the Internet Culture.

Well, my teacher doesn't know anything about the Internet, so he asked
a lot of questions about it, and I answered every question but:

What happens when a person of a community --virtual ~, pseudo~, whatever--
(i.e. anthro-l) dies?
How the rest of the community realize that he/she is dead?
Do they care?
A. when he/she doesn't send and not even reply messages by --let's say--
more than one month.
So... he/she is virtually dead, or really dead. does it matter?
is it the same for the community?

just a curiosity,


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