New 'usicomos' mailing list

Peter Stott (pstott@EMERALD.TUFTS.EDU)
Sun, 2 Jul 1995 06:03:45 -0400

At its April 29th meeting, the Board of Trustees of US/ICOMOS
(the US National Committee of the International Council on
Monuments and Sites) approved the establishment of a new electronic
mailing list, "usicomos," for all members of US/ICOMOS and friends of
international heritage conservation. The list can be used to alert
members to important legislative initiatives, to ICOMOS affairs,
and for discussion of more general issues related to the mission
of the organization. We anticipate that the list will also be
used by the specialized committees to announce new program
initiatives, events, and publications. To subscribe to the list,
send an electronic mail message to In
the body of the message include the single line, 'subscribe
usicomos' (without the quotes).

The following text was distributed to the list today:

To readers of 'usicomos' --
The publication of the reports from the second General Assembly of
World Heritage Cities in Norway can faily be said to have 'launched'
'usicomos', the electronic mailing list of the US National
Committee of the International Council on Monuments and Sites

There should be a final report submitted later today covering the
closing activities on Friday, followed by a report on the
meeting of the Bureau of the World Heritage Committee, which
begins tomorrow, Monday, at Unesco headquarters.

Although at the moment, these two meetings may be occupying
most of the space on this list, I hope that readers will feel
free to use the list for questions on these and other topics
related to international preservation and the activities of

A couple of additional notes --
The Unesco gopher has changed its address, in case you have been
trying to access the files of the World heritage Centre. The new
addresses includes the word 'gopher' in the address -- and accordingly the World Heritage Centre
address has also changed:
The gopher was recently upgraded, and it now includes the 1995
Operational Guidelines, the last five years of World Heritage Committee
reports, and (shortly, we hope) the June issue of the World Heritage
Newsletter. The World Heritage Centre now also has a general
information address, (If you get a "host not
found" message, keep trying!)

In conjunction with the Second General Assembly of World Heritage
Cities in Bergen, meeting on the theme of 'Communication', the
Organization's Secretariat has also opened a WWW page:

These changes and others are, of course, reflected by the most
recent update to the Internet Resource Guide to Heritage Conservation,
Historic Preservation, and Archaeology -- at
and the text version at

Peter Stott, Chair
Committee on Communications, Information and Technology

P.S. If any of you have written to me over the last 24 hours,
please write again. I seem to have lost a day's worth of
messages between Norway and Paris. The unesco account,, does not seem to be functioning just at this