Running Horse Foundation Seeks Assistance

Karen A. Leeson (Karen.Leeson@COLORADO.EDU)
Fri, 29 Jul 1994 07:39:34 -0600


Arkansas Mountain located in Boulder County has not been forgotten
by the people who have been fighting to preserve this sacred place and
protect it from destruction by the development of homes and roads.
If construction is permitted the use of its environs by Native
Americans for religious purposes will be terminated.
There have been many meetings over the past year with the Forest
Service and the developers. It has been a long battle, but has reached the
point where the land can now be purchased.
The Running Horse Foundation, a non-profit corporation, was created
to preserve this site and with much needed financial backing extend its
services to other sacred sites that are endangered by development. The
Running Horse Foundation is dedicated to the protection of Indian
spirituality by the purchase of this land to provide a place for present
and future generations to practice traditional ways.
Bruce Woodhull, Omaha Indian, president of the foundation says, "
Although we do not believe the land can be owned, this is the only way to
preserve and protect it."
As much as $50,000 is needed to accomplish the goal of purchasing
the land. Your help is greatly needed, and will be greatly appreciated.

Make your contribution payable to:
The Running Horse Foundation
c/o Greene, Meyer & McElroy, P.C.
1007 Pearl Street, Suite 220
Boulder, CO 80302

For further information on the foundation and its goals, contact
Bruce Woodhull at (303) 421-6384.

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