Help for Intro. to Anthro.

Wed, 27 Jul 1994 07:57:21 -0800

Due to budget cuts, our only Anthropologist lost his job for the coming
year, and as a result, I have been asked to teach our Intro. to Anthro
class. We are using William Haviland's 7th edition of _Anthropology_.

I am an historian with some background in Polynesian culture (anthropology)
and haven't taught Anthro for a number of years. Rather than to delete
the course for the year, I volunteered to teach it to keep it "on the books."

Would any of you be willing to send me **ANY** suggestions and/or
ideas related to the following:
1) a copy of your syllabus to Intro.
2) a listing of excellent films/videos you find useful on subject topics.
3) any suggestions you may offer in presenting information/data.
4) your critique of Haviland's text --good, average, poor-- and why.
5) any other suggestions for a experienced teacher but not in Anthro !

I would appreciate E-mail, Snail Mail, or FAX addressed as below, and any
letters would be deeply appreciated. Thanks.

Robert D. Craig, Professor of Social Sciences
Alaska Pacific University
4101 University Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508
FAX (907) 337-9355