Holistic medicine and the western

Sushil Oswal (oswal@KNUTH.MTSU.EDU)
Sun, 24 Jul 1994 08:34:34 -0500

Barbara, am I missing something here? Could someone translate for me
what Jim is trying to say?

Also, what is John McCreery talking about? What are the bases for
believing that the "grass is not greener on the other side?" Could you
give us your proof? Fair enough! I am talking about the Western basis of
knowledge... not the Nativ3e rituals and spiritual stuff.

Barbara, I would like to know what you found about the goals of Ayurvedik
and those of Western medine? And how old the Western medicine, I mean,
lthe type of Western medicine we are familiar with? It would also be
interesting to see what the sources of info are from which my colleagues
are gleaning this info on Ayurvedk medicine? Could we compile a brief
bibliography? If you send me your individual source/s, I'll do the
compiling and post it on the net.