Thread Two - KompuKultur

Fri, 22 Jul 1994 23:45:28 -0400

Thread two:
I also couldn't resist soliticing reactions about this statement in
Sherry Turkle's book, which I FINALLY found at a used bookstore the other
(List seems kinda quiet, feel the need to agitate climbing my
"The computer stands betwixt and between... in some ways on the edge
of mind, it raises questions about Mind itself... the Wild Child of Aveyron
was an evocative object, inciting self-reflection, not because of anything
he did, but because of who he was, because of his position on the border
between nature and culture. The computer too stands on such a border... If
behind the the popular fascination with Freudian theory there was a
nervous, often guilty preoccupation with the self as sexual, perhaps behind
increasing interest in computational interpretations of mind is an equally
nervous preoccupation with the self as machine."

Discuss, as well, amongst yourselves!

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