Chinese medicine

Fri, 22 Jul 1994 13:27:34 -0600

Good grief. It's interesting that this subject popped up.
I just finished a medical anthro. course, and my paper for
it was concerning which medical system (Chinese or Western)
did pregnant ethnic Chinese women choose, and why. It took
me 20 pages and I had 34 citations, so this is not a simple
subject that can be easily explained. The Chinese system is
basically humoral, and has written information records based
on oral information that describes the organs and the philoso-
phical concepts. The Chinese belief is that humans are made
from the same elements as the universe and are a part of the
universe, effected in the same way. What also complicated my
study was that I was looking at three different governments,
their response to medical needs, plus the needs of the urban
women and needs met for the rural women. All of the women I
interviewed preferred hospital birth, but also preferred
Chinese herbal medicines as opposed to Western, because the
herbal was gentler. What made the paper even harder was the
professor wouldn't accept anything over 9 pages. Anyway, if
my bib. would be of help, or whatever, let me know.
Lee Bradley